Ferretti International is an Engineering & Construction Company whose offering includes a wide range of services and support to improve our Customers’ productivity and profitability.

With a track record of over 100 years in the field of Industrial Construction, we are able to develop projects from conception through construction to completion, providing Customers with:
» Lump Sum Turnkey (LSTK) construction services with single-source responsibility
» EPCM solutions for projects in the Steel Industry

Ferretti International also provides a wide range of specific services based on Customer’s requirements:

  • Basic and Detail Engineering
  • Civil Works
  • Electro-Mechanical & Piping Installation
  • Refractory Lining Installation
  • Turn-key projects
  • Project Management & Supervision Services

A holistic approach and an active management of Environment, Health and Safety aspects characterize the Company – as does its close cooperation with Customers and Suppliers.


Our Vision is to be the Leaders in providing LSTK and EPCM solutions for greenfield, brownfield and fast-track revamping projects within the Steel industry.


Our Mission is to provide Customers with the highest service, quality, on-time and on-budget delivery.

Code of Ethics

Ferretti International’s Code of Ethics enshrines the rights and duties defining each member’s social and ethical responsibilities of the corporate structure. This Code of Ethics has been drawn up to ensure that the ethical values which guide Ferretti International and in which the management believes, are clearly defined and are the cornerstone of its corporate culture as well as the standard of conduct for all Employees and Collaborators in performing their duties. Furthermore, the Code of Ethics specifically aims to encourage and guarantee honesty and loyalty in transactions management and human relations both inside and outside the Company, thereby increasing its credibility both at a national and international level. Therefore, the recipients are expected to abide by the values and the principles of the present Code of Ethics and are required to safeguard and preserve the respectability and image of Ferretti International, as well as to keep the economic and human resources intact.

Human Capital

Human and intellectual capital is at the heart of the growth of Ferretti International.

A dynamic planning, staff organisation structure and an expert coordination team on-site are the engine of Ferretti International’s activities:

  • Planning is entrusted to professionals with considerable experience in creating and accomplishing avant-garde construction and technologic solutions.
  • Our technical office is in charge of all planning, procurement and coordination activities and dedicated to the site’s operational management.
  • On-site management is the responsibility of qualified personnel capable of intervening flexibly in all sorts of operational contexts (geographical locations, types of sites, etc).

(Building) High-value Partnerships

Ferretti International boasts many years of cooperation with the most renowned Engineering Companies within the Steel Industry.
We have been working side-by-side on many different projects and country and developed a unique mutual knowledge and capability to find out, together, the best solution, always. We call it “Good feeling at work”.


Ferretti International is certified in accordance with international rules and standards as evidence of its commitment to be a highly qualified service provider across the industry, in terms of sustainable development.