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  1. Diversity

    Ferretti International is an Equal Opportunity (EEO) employer and is committed to diversity in employment. Our aim is to develop a workplace that reflects the diverse community that we operate in. Ferretti International values the skills, knowledge and experience a diverse workforce brings to our organisation.

    Please Note: The information entered is treated confidentially and is used for statistical purposes only and does not form part of the selection criteria for is position.

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  1. Employment Declaration

    I declare that the information provided in my Application for Employment is true and correct and that any false, incorrect and/or misleading information will void this application and should I be employed may result in the termination of my employment.

    Should I be employed by Ferretti International I understand and accept the following:

    • I shall abide by all company policies and processes;
    • I will be subject to pre-employment medical (including drug and alcohol screen) and criminal history checks;
    • I must hold a valid Australian Drivers License and that the loss, suspension, disqualification or cancellation of the license may result in the termination of my employment;
    • I must disclose any medical condition (physical or psychological) or changes in my health or any medication which may affect my ability to work safely;
    • I will be subject to random drug and alcohol tests in accordance with relevant policies and regulations;
    • I will abide by the terms and conditions of my employment and follow all instructions of my employer to ensure my work is completely as safely and effectively as possible.
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    To submit your application successfully you must agree to the Employment Declaration by ticking the box ‘I Agree’.
    If you do not agree with the Employment Declaration and chose not to tick the box your application will not be submitted.
  3. Privacy Statement

    Ferretti International will ensure it takes all practical steps to protect the privacy of any personal and/or health information that it collects about you.